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The Edwardsville Municipal Band, under the direction of James Kerfoot, will present its eighth concert of the summer season on Thursday, July 27th at 8:00 P.M. in City Park near the Library at 112 S. Buchanan Street in Edwardsville, IL 62025.  All concerts are free to the public.

This week’s concert feature is Songs of Sailor and Sea by Robert W. Smith, which uses a variety of percussion sounds and techniques.  The concert begins with Peter Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Jesters, and is followed by the opera overture, La Gazza Ladra by Gioacchino Rossini.  The Harry L. Alford arrangement of The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise will be played, and the first half will conclude with Powerhouse by Raymond ScottAssistant director Rick Acuncius will open the second half with Ralph Ford’s Voices Of the Thronateeska, and follows with Waltz No. 2 from Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra by Dmitri Shostakovich.  The movie selection this evening will be from the 1965 comedy The Great Race.  The musical score by Henry Mancini includes “Overture,” “He Shouldn’t-A, Hadn’t-A, Oughtn’t-A, Swang On Me!,” “There Off!,” “Push the Button, Max,” “The Sweetheart Tree,” “Royal Waltz,” and “The Great Race March.”  The concert will conclude with the Genaro Codina march, Zacatecas.

The concession stand will be operated this week by the Goshen Preservation Alliance.

For more information, visit the band web site at www.edwband.com.

Contact:  James Kerfoot 973-7318




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